Spline Multimedia is an audiovisual production company which has 19 years of hard work, expertise and experience of professionals committed to the social and technological innovations. The entire structure of the company is prepared for small and large productions on the needs and tailoring the profile of each client, whether in Brazil or abroad. With the certification bodies as ANCINE - National Cinema Agency, PROAC and PRONAC, linked to culture, the company works with accountability and transparency. Spline has as philosophy embracing each job with the same enthusiasm and dedication of its first project.

During four years, the production company was manager of NET Channel Araraquara City, exhibiting with its own system, 24 hours of quality programming. In addition, the company is present in many cities in Brazil with its Information Guide for Exhibitor and its pay TV. Spline Multimedia develops also specific products for the areas of Digital Signage and Enterprise TV.


Spline has a privileged infrastructure with meeting rooms, editing rooms, development area of new technologies, a complete studio with hot and cold lighting grid, wireless network, teleprompter, sound system, soundproofing, air conditioning, mezzanine, ROSCO chroma key and a complete dressing room.

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